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InMotion Direct to Garment

InMotion Screen Printing Direct to Garment Digital Technology is similar to inkjet printing and produces vibrant colors with a softer feel nearly unnoticeable to the touch.

Direct to garment printing utilizes digital technology to place an image of high resolution onto a garment without the use of films or screens. It is the perfect solution to a project that has a small number of white or light colored garments yet has an imprint with many colors. Thus, low volume with a high number of colors can cost a fraction of what a screen printed garment would cost for the same volume.

Another benefit of this printing method is the softness of the print itself. Because the ink used is a dye, the print cannot be felt on the shirt.

This printing method works very well on towels, aprons, tote bags, etc.

At present our process is limited to white or light colored garments.

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